There was another terrible 7.3 magnitude quake today, 12th May, and again friends are sleeping in tents tonight.
Even though the images may have gone from your tv screens and mainstream news please remember our brothers & sisters in Nepal. Their everyday lives are totally disrupted.   And for them the news is not over!

Thank you so much to all our friends and supporters that have already sent donations. We have already sent more that 4000 euro and are continuing to collect funds.  We can assure you that the funds are going directly into the hands of the Sakya Earthquake Relief Team delivering aid to remote villages where much of the International aid effort can’t reach.

We are all grateful for your generosity and kindness.

Please continue to donate to help our Nepalese families through our blog site to help these efforts.

Money is being used for tents, food, medical supplies and are very gratefully received as you can see from these photos.

The team travelled to near by village at west side of Kathmandu valley, the village known as Ramkot.  This village has 150 families and 99% of the houses were collapsed – 30 Kg rice, 900 Gram instant noodle, 1 Litre oil, 1 packet Dalmot and 1 packet of   biscuits was delivered to every needy family.



Earthquake 7