Tashi Delek, Happy Losar Year of the Female Earth Pig

Today, is the beginning of Tibetan and Chinese New Year celebrations for 2146.  We are entering the year of The Earth Pig.

Special prayers (puja) have been recited in school to purify diseases, obstacles and misfortunes in the coming New Year.


2 days ago Gutor, the 29th Day of Tibetan Lunar Calendar, was celebrated.   A special 9 ingredient noodle soup called ‘Guthuk  is traditionally eaten in the evening with dumplings . The dumplings contain various ingredients like beans, charcoal (or pieces of paper containing “fortunes” or inspirational words), chilli, wool,  People eat them in turn and they tell their New Year’s fortune by checking the meaning of their chosen ingredient.

We would like to wish all our supporters and Namgyal family a very
Happy Gutor Day

At the beginning of a New Year, as in many traditions. people often reflect on what the past year has brought as well as looking forwards to the new year about to begin.

It has been a very busy and successful year for ALTEVETTE Project.  We are so grateful to all our friends and supporters that have helped us in many ways during the year by spreading the word to raise awareness, donating warm clothing, supporting our fundraising appeals, sponsoring a student in school, organising fundraising events and so on.  Without you all, we couldn’t have been as successful in helping girls from remote and impoverished areas have access to an education.  a big heartfelt THANK YOU to you all.

We raised enough funds to build much needed new toilet block at the school in Upper Mustang, we have donated enough to fund all 9 teachers’ salaries throughout 2019, and support 10 girls in school – all their accommodation & food, clothing, school materials, healthcare etc needs.

This has far exceeded our expectations in the first year of being registered here in the UK.

Again a huge THANK-YOU to everyone that has encouraged and supported us in this effort during 2019.  We hope you will be inspired to support us again this coming year.

Looking forwards towards the coming year, we will work hard to achieve this level of support once more for the school.

Other possible projects in the pipeline include the funding of further Teacher Training later in the year and also the possible provision of providing IT and computer skills training to our students.

As of now, the girls have no access to internet or computers and it’s clear this skill will be vital for their education in future years.

Other projects are also in discussion and we’ll give more details of these as the year progresses.

A brief reminder to all the current sponsors of our students – remember that if you’d like to pay your sponsorship money on a more regular basis – it’s less than £1 a day, £350 a year please email me at Linda@Altevetteproject.org.  It’s easy to set up a recurring payment through PayPal or bank transfer.

At the moment we have no more girls available for sponsorship.  Possibly more will arrive at the beginning of summer term in April.

If you would like help support us with a regular sponsorship donation (monthly, annually, as you wish) – please consider helping to donate towards the cost ofSUPPORTING OUR DEAR TEACHERS. 

We all know that without teachers there will be no school.

Please help us to continue supporting our teachers – even £1 per day (less than the cost of a cup of coffee) or a regular donation of any size will help us enormously.  Please help us support our teachers if you can?  Email me on Linda@Altevetteproject.org or donate through our website here if you can help

Please CLICK HERE  to be directed to our website donations page

Any amount will be very gratefully received.  And if you can’t donate now, please be kind enough to share our newsletter to any friends and family who may be interested.

Our students are doing very well and are receiving a high standard of education compared to other schools in the area.

The school achieved an outstanding result of 2 girls graduating class 8 after only 6 years in school.  And achieved first place in an inter-school regional competition for tri-lingual public speaking (Tibetan, Nepalese and English) where students presented their own work to other school students and a panel of judges.

Students in western school 5th year would be around 10 years old.  I wonder how many of our young students could reach this standard in 3 languages?   With few material resources, our teachers and students achieve really impressive standards.

Essay in English by a 5th year native Tibetan speaking student (Dec 2018):
Peaceful means to live in harmony like to do work together with our school, family and neighbours. We should need peaceful mind with all beings. We must assist when someone gets difficulties (in) work.
If we want to live peacefully in our society, we have to observe the following way of our own duties with manners. Peaceful mind is like the roots of (a) tree. If the tree has no roots then it cannot grow up. So , there is saying, if we don’t have peace mind then our life is like tree don’t having roots. Whenever we go and whatever we do, we should need peace.If we can work together like cleaning our street, environment and surrounding, the whole village or town will become clean and gradually it will become peaceful area. We must create our life look beautiful by doing peace and harmony with everybody. If there is no peace and harmony in society, then it will not be happy and will chance to get many inflicts.   In the society we elders must need peace with each other and it is also good to youngers to see how to do peace and harmony with each other actually.In society, there are many inflicts because there is lacking of peace. Therefore, we compulsory try to do more and more peace and harmony as much as we can.  It gets peace in our society, while we should respect the elders, take good care of youngers and our surroundings and public requirements and use them wisely and to borrow a helping hand each other, there will peace and harmony in society. We can do many things by doing peace. It is very awkward.to receive a great jobs if there is no peace. Hence peaceful is very essential in our daily life and a peaceful life and mind is valuable ornament which we must wear it.Thank you.
So proud of our 2 senior girls graduating Year 8 after only 6 years in school
Here’s that link again if you can support us by making a donation

Please CLICK HERE  to be directed to our website donations page

Any amount will be very gratefully received.  And if you can’t donate now, please be kind enough to share our newsletter to any friends and family who may be interested.

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