Summer Term Passed Safely


Everyone is Safe & Well

Apologies to all our supporters for such a long delay in sending news. 

With the girls and staff safely ensconced in remote Upper Mustang, and challenges with the pandemic and so on, news has been sparse.  Summer school term passed relatively normally, which makes our girls some of the luckier students in Nepal as most public schools closed and remain closed even now.  Now that the students and staff have returned to Pokhara to begin their winter term, we have photos we can share.  Thank you for you patience in awaiting news.

Most importantly though, all the students stayed safe and well.  The isolation of Upper Mustang coupled with a harsh monsoon preventing a lot of travel, we didn’t experience any Covid-19 infections at school. 

The harsh monsoon created havoc for anyone wanting to travel between Lower and Upper Mustang and for quite some time the road was impassable, which possibly helped reduce the spread of Covid to more remote regions.

Summer Term Continued as Usual

Despite the disruptions and high pandemic infection rates elsewhere in Nepal, staff and students were able to have a relatively normal summer term uninterrupted by visitors, which enabled everyone to stay healthy and Covid-free.  The inevitable study time and exams took place as usual.

Lessons took place about health and biology.

Craft time….

Private study time was necessary before exams

And then came exams of course!

Of course, children will always make time for fun…..

After exams it was time to pack up and get ready for the vacations.  Then for those lucky enough to have family members to come and pick them up, they were happy to travel home for the holidays.  And for girls living too far from home or who don’t have families to go to, they safely travelled to our winter school in Pokhara and enjoyed their vacation time there.

There was just time for a short trip to the Namgyal Monastery to see the progress of renovations before beginning the packing!

An opportunity to enjoy the delicious the wild sea buckthorn berries en route

Namgyal Monastery partially renovated following the 2015 earthquake

And finally, all packed up and ready for travel – home for a lucky few to spend the vacations with family and for everyone else, back to the winter school in Pokhara.

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