Summer Term Begins And The Snow Came Too!

Our lovely staff and students all safely arrived back in Upper Mustang to begin the start of the summer term.

This winter has been exceptionally cold and even as late as early May the snow has fallen.  Like children everywhere, of course our girls also like to play in the snow.

But however picturesque and fun it is to play in the snow, daily activities like brushing teeth and lessons in class are  harsh in the cold wintry weather.

And everyone, students and teachers alike, feel the chill for sure during lesson time.  Wrapping up warm is essential as there’s no heating in school.

The snow cleared within a few days though and allowed good progress on the construction of the teaching hall and shrine, which is wonderful to see although of course it won’t be ready for this year’s public teaching schedule to be held in June.

Last year over 600 people from local communities and from regions many days travel away attended.  This year, hopefully for the final time, large canopy and tents will be needed again to accommodate everyone.

We hope the new teaching hall will be ready for next year’s teaching schedule and maybe later this year too.

We’ve had more updates on the apple trees – many appear to be doing well and we’re looking forwards to seeing some leaves in future visits when our geologist and agriculturist colleagues visit the school in July to check on the health of the trees and consider locations for future projects.

New shoots are clearly visible

As I mentioned in our last blog, we are kicking off a new fundraiser.

When the school was opened in 2012, with 18 girls, the newly built school included a toilet block and shower room.  Since then we have grown at an almost unbelievable rate and now have 53 girls, 9 teachers and 2 support staff, all of whom live-in at the school.

As you might imagine, the originally built toilet facilities are now woefully inadequate, and we have an urgent need to build 2 more toilet facilities adjacent to the classrooms, which we also needed to extend in the last couple of years.

Personal hygiene is critically important, of course, to prevent the spread of infection and disease.  Please help us raise the funds to construct new toilet facilities for our students and staff.  It might not seem a very glamorous project to some as we often take bathroom facilities for granted in our daily lives.  No doubt we’d all be pretty miserable  without these essential day-to-day sanitation facilities though.

Providing toilets near to the classrooms is really an essential requirement for our students and one for which we have no budget now. Any amount you can offer will be very gratefully received.

Please help us if you can by donating on our online fundraiser link below or through our website as usual.  Here is the link to make a donation.

Please CLICK HERE  to help us to build two new desperately needed bathroom facilities


When you click the link above, this page will open in FundRazr – it’s easy to donate there.  Please help us if you can.


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