Summer Term 2019 Comes To An End


Summer Term Has Ended

This summer, news from the school has been sporadic due to poor network access.  So quite a lot of news to share now.  Summer has passed  and now students who have families, and those who can get home, have now left for a one month vacation whilst the remaining girls and staff have travelled to stay at winter school in Pokhara during the vacation time.

Winter term will begin again week of 25th October 2019 at the winter school in Pokhara and we’re very much looking forwards to visiting everyone there shortly after the start of the new term.

Exams before vacations

As always, and for students the world over, term end was preceded by exam time.
As I write, we’re awaiting school reports and exam results.  We wish all our students success and reward for their, and their teachers’ hard work.

Time for fun days out

And after the end of exams, there was time for some for fun days out and celebrations of National Children’s day where the teachers and community did their best to entertain our dear students.
The summer has passed quickly and despite all the construction and community events, routine  day-to-day activities had to continue – play, laundry and sharing meals together Tibetan momo, a kind of dumpling are a firm favourite.

The school continues to grow…

A lot of building and construction work has been ongoing – much needed new roofing for classrooms and bedrooms to resolve the problems of leaks during the heavy rains, completion of the construction of the shrine and teaching hall, which was well used during the Mani programme teachings for hundreds of the community as well as the nunnery students and staff.

Next steps will be the decorating of all the new construction projects.  So much to do as the school continues to grow so fast.

And even though the new shrine and teaching hall is not yet fully completed, it was wonderful seeing it put to good use for the first community event and teachings during the mani programme mid year.

A wonderful collaboration…

The summer term has been colder than usual this year but still daily school life must carry on!  To try and help our girls in the unusually cold summer, a kind sponsor donated funds to support the manufacture of warm, padded jackets for everyone.

It was a wonderful collaborative event, sponsorship from European supporters, our dear Hindu friends DaMood and Roshani Lamichhane in Kathmandu donated their time to select materials and engage a manufacturer and check the quality of each garment.  Workers at the garment manufacturers generously worked during Ramadan to benefit our students.  A kindly bus driver transported the jackets on the overnight bus from Kathmandu to Pokhara and from there the school transported the garments to our Buddhist students in Upper Mustang!!!

This is how the world should operate – irrespective of beliefs and culture, people just coming together to help some cold children.

A huge heartfelt thank you to everyone who helped.

Wonderful news about our last sustainability fundraiser to support the apple tree project – thanks to all your generosity, we reached our target to help fund the much needed fencing for the orchard compound.  Thank-you all so very much for all your kind donations. 

It was a long and cold, hard winter which extended well into what would normally have been the warmer summer weather this year.  Many goats and yaks starved during the heavy and prolonged snows and unfortunately, being desperate for food, attacked the apple tree shoots.  Nevertheless a few trees have survived and thanks to the kind generosity of Italian supporters a new batch of trees are ready for shipping from Rome as soon logistics and forwarding agents can be instructed.

Hopefully with the new fencing in place, tree survival rates will improve this coming winter.

We must now turn our fundraising efforts towards our unsung heroes – our teachers who reliably and diligently get on with their teaching and student welfare duties despite the disruption of construction works and school improvements.  Without their dedication and care for our students we would have no school so we owe them our deep gratitude and respect.

Please, please help if you can to support our latest efforts to raise the funds to pay them a decent wage in 2020.  We need to raise £5,000 between now and year end so please be generous and help us by making a donation.  Any amount we raise over our target will contribute towards teacher training events later in the year.

All amounts will be gratefully received and remember we don’t take expenses from donations at all.  Apart from bank charges, which we can’t avoid, we’re 100% efficient in passing on donations to fund the school.

As with all our fundraising efforts, we can assure that all the money you can donate will get to the school.  Please help us if you can?

Here’s a link to our fundraiser.  Donations of any size will be greatly appreciated.  We are 100% efficient and don’t take expenses from donated monies so you can be assured your donations will support this project.

Please click here to help us pay our teachers a fair wage in 2020

Or, as always, donate via our website here

Heartfelt thanks for all your support, which is always greatly appreciated.

Here’s that donation link again. Please click here to help support our teachers. All donations will be very gratefully received

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