A Lot of News to Share……

There’s a sudden flurry of news to share about our school visit and also commitments for new projects so the newsletter will be in 2 parts.  So please look out for more news in the next few days about future projects.

Our Luggage Safely Arrived….

In the last newsletter I promised to share more news of our trip to the school. I’m happy to share that our luggage safely arrived in Kathmandu, as did we three on the long haul flight from Heathrow to Kathmandu via Doha.

Then we set about making logistical arrangements to get over 70Kg of donated warm clothes to the school – the trip to the overnight bus station in Kathmandu where the bags were handed over to the trusted hands of the bus driver who put all the bags onto the roof of the bus for their overnight journey to Pokhara where they were collected early morning by school staff and transported by jeep up to the school.

A mountain of hats, scarfs, gloves, jackets, leggings, undies, vests, hoodies…..

Fun Distributing the Clothes

Distributing clothes is always a fun “free for all” with some attempt to “manage” sizing. In the end, the children decide what might fit and what they love to have. Everyone gets their share – the girls are remarkably sharing and caring for each other and especially taking care of the little ones too.

Anyone who has ever tried to take a group photo of excited children wanting to explore their new wardrobes, you’ll understand how much of a challenge it is. So funny…..

Finally almost everyone settles their excitement, momentarily facing forwards and smiling for the camera.

New Teacher’s Room

During our visit, we were really pleased to be able to open the newly refurbished teacher’s room we sponsored at the beginning of the year. At last the teachers have somewhere they can work away from the students and their classroom duties. So much easier for them to have staff meetings and prepare lesson plans and so on in their own space compared to the spaces previously used (above).

Grateful thanks to everyone making regular donations to help us make this happen. It’s one of our passions to support our teachers too.

No teachers no school!!

Children Enjoying their Classrooms

It’s pleasing to see some of the new artwork projects and how the children of all ages are making posters and artwork to enhance their learning environments.

Some of the artwork shows natural talent and a deep sense of commitment and meaning towards a better world. We were delighted to buy some art tuition books with the generous book donation in Nora’s memory as we mentioned in the last newsletter.

So, it seems there’s a sudden flurry of news to share and some exciting new projects too so part 2 of the newsletter will be with you in a few days.  

In the meantime, please know how grateful we are for all your support throughout the year.

None of this would be possible without the generous and kind support of you all.