Safely Back in Upper Mustang for the Summer


Most of our staff and students have safely made it back to Upper Mustang for the summer months.  As of last week there was still snow on the ground and hopefully the weather will begin to improve soon.

The photo (above) was taken last week when the girls returned to school.  For the “advance party” of staff – early tasks included snow clearing!

Packing up the winter school began as soon as the “advance party” departed and within a day or so everyone and their belongings were loaded into the four wheel drive vehicles.

By leaving now, ahead of the monsoons, these vehicles can now make the whole trip to the school (barring obstacles such as landslides and flooding!).

Apart from the usual return to Upper Mustang for the school summer term, the timing is critical for the safety of staff and students alike as the Covid situation has rapidly deteriorated in the past couple of weeks and both winter and summer schools have implemented a strict lockdown policy in line with Government guidelines.

As I write now in early May 2021, we’re all very worried about the Covid-19 pandemic situation in Nepal – I put a link below to a news article which does seem a fairly accurate portrayal of the situation according to friends and contacts with the school administration.

Warning – Contains distressing news.

Trying to stay positive and hopeful in very challenging times though – although it remains cold, most of the snow has cleared around the school and the girls and staff have already settled in and are maintaining their daily routine with the continuation of school life. 

Thank you to all our supporters and donors for continuing to support us through this very challenging time.

Within the last couple of weeks, and just before the girls return to Upper Mustang for the summer, we received news that 6 new girls arrived at school.  Three already have sponsors thanks to our kind and generous supporters and and we’re looking for further sponsors for 3 of them now. 

Several supporters previously indicated they would like to sponsor one of our girls – so please do email me directly if you’re still interested or would like to step to help a girl with her education.

Please help us if you can. 

For more information, please email me

We know it’s been a really challenging time all over the world and we’ve had very few opportunities for fundraising events and yet news of our project is spreading.  Please share the newsletter with as many of your friends who may be interested.

We’re happy to welcome a number of new supporters to our newsletter and so maybe a quick reminder may be helpful to everyone that any amount you can share is deeply appreciated and will be used in full to help young girls in need.

Please know that your support will change lives in innumerable, profound ways and be assured that we are as near as we can get to being 100% efficient – apart from international bank charges, which we can’t avoid, all donated monies go to the school without any deductions for expenses from our side. We volunteer our time and personally fund our own trips to the school and all promotional material costs are funded by kind donors.

One time donations of any amount – yes even the amount of a cup of coffee can help us.  All donations are very welcome or choose to sponsor a young child in her studies.

So please help us if you can and please look out for the next newsletter, which will announce the publication of our new and updated website.

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