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No news for a while whilst the girls were at school in Mustang and now 2 newsletters come along in close proximity!  As I mentioned in the recent blog, we are now ready to launch our latest fundraiser to help raise funds for our teachers’ salaries for next year.

Due to an amazing effort by our visionary Khenpo-la and all our Namgon family, Pal Ewam Namgyal Monastic School was awarded a licence to deliver Year 8 education this year.  This is an amazing achievement given that here are no other schools that have demonstrated the required standard to attain year 8 education licences in Upper Mustang.

We are so proud to share that 2 of our lovely senior students (on the right in the photo below) are starting year 8 studies this term.  This is an amazing achievement given that our school has only been operating for 6 years.

These girls are truly hardworking bright young ladies and are continuing their studies at the boys monastic school as there need to be a 7 minimum students pass their exams for the licence to run.

Of course such a standard cannot be achieved without quality and dedicated teachers.  We all remember the teachers that have made a difference in our lives and we are fortunate to have such kind, talented and dedicated group of teachers and support staff who really make a difference to our girls’ lives.  We are all so grateful to these unsung heroes.

Over the 6 years since school was opened, our teachers have often had to work in small and cramped places and still delivered their best efforts and found time to have fun during social time too.

Our qualified teachers must be at least bilingual, and some speak 3 languages Tibetan, Nepali and English.  All the teachers live-in at the school 6 months of the year in Upper Mustang and 6 months in Pokhara in the foothills of the Himalayas and apart from their teaching schedules take welfare responsibilities for our girls too and take a duty roster to be on call at nights and holidays.

Raising the money to build the school was a challenge and having done so, now we are committed to support the ongoing running costs of the school, which receives no government funding.  Of course, this includes the cost of teacher’s salaries.  Our qualified teachers are salaried and receive a fair wage, which has resulted in the school being recognised for its high level of academic achievement even having only been running for 6 years to date.

Please help us if you can to raise the shortfall we have in our budget this year.  We need to raise at least another £4500 and any surplus raised above this will be used to help fund our teacher training programme next year.

We have set up an online fundraiser to collect donations if anyone can help.  Please click below.

Please CLICK HERE  to help us to raise the budget to pay our teachers a fair wage

The link will take you to our FundRazr site where donations can easily be made.  Or alternatively donations can be made via Paypal or direct bank transfer on our website here:

Please CLICK HERE  to be directed to our website donations page

Any amount will be very gratefully received.  And if you can’t donate now, please be kind enough to share our newsletter to any friends and family who may be interested.

The school totally relies on the kind donations of our kind and generous supporters.

THANK YOU ALL SO MUCH  for your continued support in helping us change the lives of disadvantaged girls through education and for helping us support and recognise our teachers too.

Here’s that link again:

Please CLICK HERE  to help us to raise the budget to pay our teachers a fair wage


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