News of Spring 2020 School Visit


A wonderful trip to the winter school

Having delayed the visit from November 2019 due to work commitments, the long awaited annual visit to see the girls in girls at their winter school arrived at last.

Our kind supporters have been very generous and loaded with knitted warm clothing, underwear, maths & science teaching aids, English & maths books we limited our own personal luggage to carry on only!

Taking all these bags on the smaller domestic planes was a challenge but thankfully a local friend came to the rescue and asked a bus driver friend of a relative (this is how networks work in Asia) to take the big bags with him on the overnight bus and the school staff picked them up the next day from the bus station en route to collecting us from the airport!

We arrived safely:

We safely arrived at the school a couple of days and 3 flights later to be greeted by excited children lining up to greet and welcome us with their traditional kata scarfs.

Annual Prize Giving:

We felt privileged to join in the celebration of the school annual prize giving ceremony recognising each of the highest performing 3 girls in each class.

Celebrating our generous donors & supporters:

Sharing all the donations of knitted warm clothing, underwear, maths & science items, English & maths books and a couple of cuddly toys for the little ones is always a joy.

Our girls are from such impoverished backgrounds they are truly grateful for everything given and we’re extremely grateful to our supporters for their continued generosity.

And as always the girls enjoy reading their sponsor letters and excitedly share them with friends.

Maths & Science Materials Fundraiser:

Heartfelt and grateful thanks to all the kind donors who contributed to our fundraiser launched in the last newsletter.  We are amazed at your continued generosity and were able purchase many items before travelling and then enjoyed taking our lovely science teacher shopping.

Miss-la presented her wish list of science and maths materials to the owner of The Science House and, quite amazingly, purchased almost all of the items needed.

The girls have been receiving science and maths classes for some time whilst the teachers struggled to explain complex issues with text books only.

Thank-you, Thank-you to everyone who helped this “dream come true” for our wonderful teachers.  Staff and students will benefit enormously from having practical demonstrations and experiments to enhance their lessons.

And there are always more teaching and classroom materials needed so please consider donating to our fundraiser so we can shop again when we next visit in November.

Please Click Here to Help us Buy Maths & Science Materials

There has been so much news to share this month, and I’ll end with a new beginning.

Next month our teachers and staff will benefit from a new education programme on female health & hygiene, which will build on hygiene topics already studied.
Thank you to all our supporters who have already donated underwear and money to help buy reusable and sustainable sanitary items.  Whilst in Kathmandu, handmade “dignity kits” were purchased from a local charity and these will be introduced to our girls and teachers next month.

This important education topic in such a conservative culture shows how forward thinking the school founder Khenpo Tsewang, the school principle and school council are for supporting such a beneficial programme.
More news on this soon.


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