Last month we attended an amazing opening ceremony and inauguration of the new winter school building in Pokhara.When we first opened the school in 2012 with 18 girls it was quite easy to afford to rent a property in Pokhara so the girls and staff could relocate from Upper Mustang,  where it becomes too cold to study in the harsh winter conditions.  We never imagined in our wildest dreams that in 4 years we would be almost at capacity with 45 girls and it became impossible a) to find and b) to afford the rent for a property large enough for classrooms, cooking facilities, washrooms and sleeping accommodation.  Last year the girls shared the boys school due to the unprecedentedly challenging conditions caused by the earthquake and the lack of fuel and food due to the blockade of the Indian border.

So it has been such a joyful experience a year later to be with the girls and staff from both the girls’ and boys’ schools and members of the community and generous benefactors from Malaysia to inaugurate the new winter school building.


Dancers from local schools and our own dear teachers (below) entertained everyone


And the girls enjoyed games and competitions


Members of the local and Mustang communities enjoyed the festivities and eating together


We were indeed honoured that Opening Ceremony was completed in the presence of H.E. Ngor Thartse Khen Rinpoche who conducted 3 further days of blessings following the festivities for staff and students of both the boys and girls schools, parents and members of the community.


A few days later the girls and staff moved into their new school – a mixture of excitement, carrying, cleaning and exploring ……




Everyone worked really hard at cleaning and organising and sharing donated goods that we had carried to the school.



And so within a short time lessons began again ……


…….including a previously scheduled essay competition between the three school “houses”.


Class six presented their English language project designed to improve confidence….


Students, teachers the cooking staff have all settled in and are enjoying their beautiful new building with view over the lake.

We’re facing something of a challenge now though – we don’t have any beds and so our girls are sleeping on the floor .  Clearly it’s not ideal in the Himalayan winter time



With so many girls now the effort to buy enough furniture and bedding for everyone is a much bigger task than when we started.  So we’ve started a fundraiser – our first attempt at crowd funding to try and raise the money.   Thanks to our generous friends and supporters for financial contributions and sharing the news, we’re on the way.  Still some way to go though to reach our target.

Please, please, help us by sharing the fundraiser effort with anyone you think may be interested.  You can find more information and make a donation on this link

Please Help us to buy beds for the girls in winter school

By clicking the link above – the following image will appear.  when the page opens, clicking the “DONATE NOW” button will take you through easy steps.  Please help if you can.


Here’s that link again:        Please Help us to buy beds for the girls in winter school

Due to onset of winter and cold nights, the bunk bed manufacturer has already been encouraged to begin making the beds in the hope that we will succeed in reaching out target for funds.  Please be kind enough to think of our girls as you snuggle under the duvet tonight.  We know that if many people donate the amount, even the amount of the cost of a cup of coffee, we will be closer to making this happen. Your donation will matter.

Very many thanks to everyone of you who has already kindly and generously supported our efforts so far either with a financial donation and/or sharing to increase awareness.  We are all truly grateful for your kind generosity in whatever way you have helped.

The school staff, girls and volunteers from Altevette-onlus  are truly grateful for all donations whatever the size.
Please continue to share with family and friends and help in any way you can.