We’re blessed this year with more opportunity than usual for news from Upper Mustang during the summer months.  As there’s no internet in Mustang, we have to usually wait a few months for news so we really welcome the news brought back by Laura & Carmen, 2 volunteers from Italy just returned from their trip.

Laura & Carmen traveled to Upper Mustang and volunteered to help with teaching and also enjoyed some time out with staff and local women from the community

Aug 2015 - 2r Aug 2015 - 1r Aug 2015 - 3r


They brought back some lovely photos of the girls during break times and after classes finished for the day.

Aug 2015 - 6r Aug - 15 - 8r Aug - 15 - 10r Aug - 15 - 9r Aug - 15 - 7r


It’s clear now that with 38 girls, space is really a squeeze and more bedrooms are needed as reported in our previous blog.  The great news is that construction is progressing well and will provide much needed sleeping areas as well as enable current sleeping dorms to be converted to classrooms.

Aug 2015 - 4r Aug 2015 - 5r Aug 2015 - 8r