Dear donors, sponsors and all our supporters

It seems as if century has passed since our first “first Christmas card,” but it is only 3 years ago.

There were times when the goal of building a school for girls in Mustang felt like a big undertaking, almost unattainable.  This first major goal was followed by others, and each time, thanks to all of you, we were able not only to educate but also to improve the living conditions of girls that initially, you will remember, was 13 and now have become 30!  Our wish for them is that they can become, one day, 30 young women happy and “free”.

Our wish for you is that you can spend a happy Christmas and a New Year more peaceful, lighthearted and loving.  And to help you on your way we give you this “mini-movie” that we made just for you.  The smiles of these girls will hopefully cheer you and encourage you as they do us.

To see “our wishes” see out video  and we recommend you not to stop at the end credits but to continue until the end.

Altevette-Onlus Pokhara Merry Christmas 2013 from Altevette-Onlus on Vimeo.


Anna, Francesca, Laura, Luke, Mariagrazia, Marzia and Silvia