A Challenging Few Months


Lessons can begin again

Hello everybody, apologies for the delay in writing the latest newsletter.  It’s been a challenging few months for everyone.  During lockdown many girls stayed at the school as usual as they have no families to go to or live too far away and so on.

For those that managed to get home for lockdown, most have now returned to school for the winter term in Pokhara, and soon settled in after receiving their health checks.

The latest 6 girls to arrive back this week made the long journey from Rukum to the south west of Upper Mustang and are now in quarantine for 2 weeks.  Unfortunately, girls from Dolpo to the west of Mustang have yet to be able to return to school because of travel restrictions and as it’s snowing already may be unable to get over the high passes anyway.  Let’s see and let’s hope for the best.


6 girls arrived back this week after the difficult and long trek from Rukum.

Exams have started already!
Just like education authorities the world over, the Nepalese Education Authorities had to make special provisions for school grading systems this year.

Although lessons just began again within the least month, the Authorities decided that national exams will be split into 3 this term time and exams are already taking place. 

These exam results will form 50% of the annual overall year results – students were quickly back into the swing of school life again and got down to self study before exams began! 

Little Binu (baby) arrives back in school and takes her “exams” like all the other students too.
After self-study and exams comes relaxation & play time – for students and teachers alike.

Teachers can relax too

A much needed new dining hall
Despite lockdown being in full swing during the summer months, some older girls stayed at the school in Mustang together with the boys from the monastic school there –  the existing dining hall was demolished and a much needed new dining hall was built using local people for the construction – a much needed economic boost providing some work for an otherwise jobless community.

Traditional decorations have been added to create a very pleasant environment. large enough for all the staff & students.

Traditional designs

A massive thank you – social hunger relief project 

Huge gratitude to everyone who so generously responded to my last appeal for donations.  We managed to buy enough food (rice and dhal) to feed several hundred people in struggling villages for over a month during the harshest days of lockdown and unemployment.

We’re so proud to be able to help the community in this way.

Thank-you, Thank-you everyone for your kind generosity.  You are all amazingly kind and generous and I’m so grateful to you for your support for this social project.

Learning the value of money.
Some children come to school with a few rupees “pocket money” to buy snacks and sweets and for those whose families are too poor to provide even small change, the school provides a little pocket money to ensure children are not isolated due to poverty.

It’s felt an important life skills lesson for the children to learn the value of money and so whilst we provide all their food, toiletries, and treats too, the girls are able to have some funds to buy a limited selection of sweets on day a week.

A new “tuck shop” has been built in the winter school to help with social education of money management and everyone was excited to line up for an opening ceremony last week.

And finally a wintry scene from the school in Mustang where the snows have started already.

I hope you’ve enjoyed news of our girls. 

We’re so thankful that all the staff and students managed to stay healthy during these challenging pandemic times.  The school admin and staff did a fantastic job of keeping all the children safe and well, especially for those staying in Pokhara where the infection rates became quite acute at times. 

All that remains is to wish you all a happy, healthy and Covid free Christmas and New Year. 

Heartfelt thanks once again for your continued support.

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