10 Years ago….

10 years ago, 6 of us trekked together with guides, horse boys and a mule train to Upper Mustang to open the school with 18 girls and 6 staff.  We had no idea how important the school was to become to the high altitude communities of Upper Mustang.

Our first sight of the school in the distance….

After many days we reached the School….

We reached the school and attended the inauguration day with family members of our students and many people of the high altitude communities of Upper Mustang.  It was definitely a trip and a day to remember!

10 Years of Effort….

Since then, 10 years has passed and again our imaginations could never have anticipated how much has been achieved by a small band of dedicated members of Altevette Onlus in Milan, Italy and then also since 2016 when Altevette Project was registered as a charity in the UK.



More than 100 girls have been admitted to school….

Over 100 girls have attended school, some have been with us since the beginning and others came and went.  Currently we have 56 girls, 9 full time lay teachers, cook, assistant and stores manager and our dear Khenpo Khenrab dedicating most of his time at the school.   Admin and teaching support is also supplemented by the nearby monastic school under the auspices of our dear visionary founder Khenpo Tsewang.

Additionally to the vastly expanded school in Upper Mustang, there is also a winter school in Pokhara.


Covid Update – everyone over the age of 9 has been vaccinated….

Being in such a remote region, the school managed pretty well during the Covid lockdowns and unlike most schools in Nepal was able to remain functioning as teachers and students all live in at school.  All children and staff have been vaccinated and have stayed healthy and well.  What a relief!  

Serving High Altitude Buddhist Communities ….

In July the school hosted a highly successful Mani Programme (Buddhist prayers) for communities in the Upper Mustang region, as it has done for several years.  This important social support for Buddhists (which is just about everyone in the region as Buddhist philosophy and teachings are a way of life for people living in the region)  is a well attended event and offers a significant contribution to communities in Upper Mustang. 

In the early days the programmes were held outside in the courtyard under canopies shielding attendees from the sun.  These days such events can take place in the newly built multi-purpose teaching hall and shrine and visiting lamas and teachers can be accommodated in a “guest house”.
Even now though, so many people attend there’s overflow into the courtyard area.

Feeding everyone requires an enormous volunteer effort!

Classrooms become temporary overflow kitchens!

Thank You For Your Support ….

We cannot provide such facilities and ongoing operation costs and support without our dear supporters.  On behalf of the school, we thank you with all our hearts for your kind generosity over the years and hope for your continued support.

As you all hopefully know, apart from international bank charges, which we can’t avoid, no expenses or other monies are deducted from donations.  When we visit the school (every year since just before lockdown began 2 years ago!) we personally fund ourselves and we’re as near as we can be to 100% passing on all donations to fund the operation of the school.

We recognise that times are hard for many of us with inflation and so on in many parts of the world and we are truly grateful and appreciative of all donations however modest.  We could never imagine that a small group of committed volunteers could achieve so much. 

Heartfelt Thank-yous for the part that you all played too.